Author: Jindra Petřík

  • News in FFDec 18.5.x

    Harman AIR encrypted SWFs support. Summary of news in 18.5.x version of the decompiler.

  • News in FFDec 18.4.x

    AS3 dependencies, class trait editation and new context menus for AS1/2. This post sums new features of version 18.4.x of JPEXS Free Flash decompiler.

  • Strange vertical text

    In Flash editor you can create text which is positioned vertically. It has some strange format of SWF file upon compilation.

  • AS3 getouterscope instruction

    During my journeys around ActionScript 3 bytecode I encountered interesting undocumented instruction called getouterscope. The instruction is not documented in official Avm2 overview available online which makes it harder to understand.

  • News in FFDec 18.3.x

    Shape and morphshape editation, scrollbars and few other news in the versions 18.3.x of JPEXS Free Flash decompiler. Let’s see the details.

  • News in FFDec 18.2.x

    Movies and sounds – this is the theme for 18.2.x of JPEXS Free Flash decompiler. Let’s see what’s new.

  • News in FFDec 18.1.x

    Deobfuscation dialogs enhancements and various different features added in 18.1.x of JPEXS Free Flash decompiler. This post lists the features.

  • News in FFDec 18.0.x

    Video playback, transforming tool and many more enhancements in 18.0.x of JPEXS Free Flash decompiler. Let’s take a look on all of these…

  • Obfuscators comparison

    This post contains list of obfuscators with a description of some tricks they use and how FFDec handles it.