News in FFDec 20.0.x

Hidable P-code panel, better debugging, creating new tags directly from files, replacing morphshapes and more in 20.0.x version.

20.0.0 – 2023-11-05

Secondary monitor enhancements

Last used monitor is now remembered. Dialogs now open on same monitor as main window.

Hiding P-code panel

P-code panel can now be hidden in advanced settings.

FFDec window without P-code panel

Export multiple files by bundle name

When you select multiple files to export and these files are placed in different bundles (zips for example), export directory has structure based on the bundle names.

Opened files to export
Exported directory structure

Debugging call stack

During debugging, you can now show all levels of call stack, switch the variable frames. The lines of code from call stack are highlighted with light blue color.

Basic tag info for GFX tags

Basic tag info now provides some info about GFX tags too.

Some info about GFX tag

Create new tags right from files

You can now create new tags right by selecting file from disk. Previously only adding empty tag and then replacing was available. Create from file feature is available for shapes, morphshapes, sprites, images, movies, sounds and binaryData. Fonts can be added via embed font dialog.

Create from file menu item

Creating / replacing morphshapes

Morphshapes can now be created/replaced from file(s). You select a SVG file as as start shape and then second SVG file as end shape. It creates the morph. Shapes must have compatible fill/line styles. If the start SVG shape contains SVG animation previously exported with FFDec, it will not ask for second end shape file and import the animated SVG instead.

SVG export – ffdec attributes

Exported SVG file now contains special attributes in ffdec namespace
ffdec:stroke-bitmapId, ffdec:fill-bitmapId, ffdec:smoothed.

ffdec:smoothed is used for retaining image fill smoothed variant.

Export morphshapes as start/end shape

You can now export morphshape start and end shape separately as SVG, PNG, BMP.
It will have .start and .end extension.

Selection of (start, end) variants during export

Directory select dialog in Advanced settings

In advanced settings you can now select directory type configs with dialog.

Info about edges on walking shaperecords

When you walk through the shaperecords of shape or morphshape, information about current edge is displayed in status bar under the preview. It has info about fillstyles, linestyle, points of the edge, etc.

Text [space xxx] parameter for handling glyph advances

Texts now have special parameter [space xxx] where xxx is number. It marks places where preceding glyph advance is different from advance taken from font. This will help to retain same advance values on text saving. If your text contains many of these, this may mean that the font do not provide layout information. In such case, you can help it by navigating to font and select appropriate source font from font dropdown list.

DefineEditText display enhancements

FFDec now displays correctly features like left margin, letter spacing and indent of the DefineEditText.

DefineEditText display

FLA export – autokern attribute

During FLA export, the autokern attribute of DefineEditText is correctly exported.

Changed: Basic tag info always visible

Basic tag info panel always visible even when nothing to display (to avoid flickering)

Changed: SVG data attributes moved to ffdec

SVG export – attributes like data-characterId and data-characterName moved under ffdec: namespace.

Changed: FLA export letterspacing without layout is optional

Calculating letterspacing during FLA export on texts with fonts that have no layout information is now optional and turned off by default.

Changed: Command -importScript aborts on error

Commandline -importScript command aborts import on first error. This can be changed with
-onerror ignore arguments.






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