News in FFDec 18.5.x

Harman AIR encrypted SWFs support. Summary of news in 18.5.x version of the decompiler.

18.5.0 – 2023-06-25

FFDec now can read SWFs produced by Harman AIR SDK feature “encrypted SWFs” (SWFs with signatures 'fWS','cWS','zWS').

You can also use commandline arguments of ffdec to decrypt such swf files.
-java -jar ffdec.jar -decrypt infile.swf outfile.swf

The decompiler is not capable of encrypting the file back after editation, so when saved, the encryption is stripped.






2 responses to “News in FFDec 18.5.x”

  1. New One Avatar
    New One

    Is something wrong with my computer or is there something I can do to make it not be so slow to play gfx files?

    1. Jindra Petřík Avatar

      We use our own flash/gfx renderer which may be inaccurate and slower. For future problem solving, please use our issue tracker.

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