News in FFDec 18.2.x

Movies and sounds – this is the theme for 18.2.x of JPEXS Free Flash decompiler. Let’s see what’s new.

18.2.0 – 2022-12-27

Better error message for sound import on unsupported sampling rate

SWF supports only limited formats to import as sound. FFDec does not provide any encoders so if you want to replace sound, it needs to have correct format. If you try to import it wrong, now you get better error message.

Sample error message on sound import.

Replacing and bulk import DefineVideoStream

You can now replace movies. Old movie frames are removed from timeline and new frames are added to it. Bulk import from Import menu also works.

Import movies menu

This feature is also enabled in commandline. The proper arguments is:

java -jar ffdec.jar -importMovies <infile> <outfile> <moviesfolder>


java -jar ffdec.jar -importMovies myFile.swf modFile.swf C:/inputdir/

Movie FLV export – writing simple onMetadata tag

Generated FLV file on movie export has integrated simple onMetadata tag.

Replacing sound streams (SoundStreamHead, SoundStreamBlock) + its bulk import

Since this version, you can replace sound in SoundStreamHead/2 (and its blocks). Previously only DefineSound could be replaced. This also works in bulk import. Old stream blocks are removed from the timeline and newly imported sound is distributed among the frames.

Replace SoundStreamHead button
Bulk import sounds menu

List of all features including fixed bugs in this version can be found on its release page

18.2.1 – 2022-12-28

No new features in this release. List of fixed bugs in this version can be found on its release page






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