News in FFDec 18.1.x

Deobfuscation dialogs enhancements and various different features added in 18.1.x of JPEXS Free Flash decompiler. This post lists the features.

18.1.0 – 2022-12-23

Deobfuscation and its options as icons on script panel toolbar

Two new buttons added on panel over ActionScript editor. The first one is a yellow-blue pill which has the same effect as Settings / Automatic deobfuscation, just is more accessible. The second one “more pills” allows you to set additional deobfuscation techniques.

New deobfuscation buttons

Warning before switching auto rename identifiers on

New warning is displayed before enabling automatic identifiers renaming as the auto renaming feature is not recommended as you can easily forget and accidentally save modified SWF which can be damaged by this procedure. If you want to rename identifiers, the “Rename invalid identifiers” tool on Tools / Deobfuscation tab should be used. Doing this automatically is dangerous.

Displayed confirm message

Button transforming

Buttons now allow tranforming them using Transform button the same way as Sprites.

Transforming button

Deobfuscation tool dialog for script level

Deobfuscation tool can be used to modify SWF to fix various obfuscation problems. Do not confuse this with Automatic deobfuscation or the pill button above ActionScript editor! This will permanently modify your SWF file. So in this tool you can now select Current script scope. Previously only current method / whole SWF was available.

Commandline import of text, images, shapes, symbol-class

Commandline now accepts new options to bulk import text, images, shapes or symbol-class mapping.


java -jar ffdec.jar -importText <infile> <outfile> <textsfolder>

java -jar ffdec.jar -importImages <infile> <outfile> <imagesfolder>

java -jar ffdec.jar -importShapes <infile> <outfile> <shapesfolder>

java -jar ffdec.jar -importSymbolClass <infile> <outfile> <symbolclassfile>

Export/import DefineBitsJPEG3/4s alpha channel to/from separate file

DefineBitsJPEG3 and 4 images can contain alpha channel even if they are JPEG in nature. To properly export this, you need separate file. When you select “PNG/GIF/JPEG+alpha” option from the export menu, then the JPEG is saved as JPEG and has separate PNG file with alpha channel. (“.alpha.png” extension). The alpha channel data can be then imported using “Replace alpha channel” button or during bulk import where the extension “.alpha.png” is correctly detected and imported.

New option for export images
Replace alpha channel button.

On CLI, new option for image export format is available: -format image:png_gif_jpeg_alpha

Copy/paste transform matrix to/from the clipboard

Transformation matrix used on Transform panel can be now copied to clipboard and then pasted elsewhere (on other Transform panel).

Copy and paste buttons on Transform panel

You can also try to paste the matrix to Notepad for example, it is copied as text:

Persist selected item in the tree upon quick search (Ctrl+F)

Currently selected items are retained during Quick search (Ctrl+F) in the tree even if it does not match the search string. It is useful to not lose the selection.

Quick search retains selection

Editor mode and autosave feature for header, raw editor, transform

Editor mode – the mode in which you do not need to press edit button to edit specific part (can be enabled in Advanced settings) and also AutoSave feature – the mode in which you do not need to press Save button to save specific part (enable in Advanced settings) – is now available for editing Header, Raw editor and Transform.

FlashPaper SWF to PDF with selectable text (commandline)

FlashParel SWF to PDF export on commandline now has selectable text (as in other PDF exports).

PDF export – JPEG with alpha channel exported as is

During the PDF export, JPEG data with alpha channel is saved exactly in the as is – in the JPEG format with alpha channel. This will save some data since previously it was stored as PNG.






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